Leroy Neiman Arts Center Workshop

On a chilly Sunday in November I gave a workshop, The Art of 3D Printing hosted by the Leroy Neiman Arts Center and Arts Horizons.

I brought my assistant Daniel and we gave a basic introduction as well as hands-on experience to an amazing group of artists who were curious about this process.

Digital Fabrication

Using physical models to develop sculptures and work out design concepts has a long history and 3D printers are one of just several digital fabrication processes which are now more widely available to artists.

3D Printing is just one method of Digital Fabrication. Additive manufacturing, laser cutting, and other computer controlled tools such as routers are now popular processes for creating elements, mock-ups, or completed pieces. Large pieces of granite can even be cut by CNC stone cutters.

This Workshop was made possible with the assistance of:

Jenifer Simon, Director of NJ Programs, Arts Horizons

Allison Davis, Executive Director, Arts Horizons

Marline Martin, Arts Horizons, LeRoy Neiman Art Center

Dena Malarek, Director of NYC Programs, Arts Horizons

Workshop highlights and feedback

Take a look at some moments from my 3-D Printing workshop in this video shot by Allison Davis on Vimeo.