3D Print Management for Success

You just got a 3D printer!

(Now what!?)

3D printers (rapid prototyping systems) are an amazing tool for your maker-space, school, non-profit or atelier.  But after you get a single machine, or a suite, who is going to manage it?  How will you make sure that it gets used in a meaningful way? How can you be certain you’re really getting your money’s worth?

I’m here to help you.  When I’m not working at Ramapo College as a professor of 3D Design and Animation, or in the studio with my own research, I do consulting for institutions that want to understand how to best apply 3D printing to their existing workflow while minimizing waste and frustration.

My work usually starts with a meeting and site visit where I learn about your staff, mission, resources and aspirations as well as the printers that you’ve purchased or would like to purchase.  Afterward, I conduct research specific to your needs and develop the following:

  • A workflow optimized for appropriate and meaningful use of your 3D printer(s) or other digital fabrication resources.
  • A system for introducing new users to your rapid prototyping system without placing all the stress on one overworked employee.
  • 3 Sample lesson plans tailored to your needs with goals, objectives and outcomes
  • A series of short workshops to get you and your staff comfortable with your new state-of-the-art tools.
  • A sustainable plan for growing your facilities and communicating their value to your audience.

Get your organization started with 3D printing efficiently, meaningfully and without fear.   

Reach out to see how I can help.