Amulets for Introverts

Amulets For Introverts are single egg-shaped objects each made by machine, hand, and nature – all designed to give shy people social super powers. Some of them even include smaller objects trapped inside: freshwater pearls, seeds and even the artist’s own baby teeth.

Given a set P := {p1, …, pn} of sites, a Voronoi Tessellation is a subdivision of the space into n cells, one for each site in P, with the property that a point q lies in the cell corresponding to a site pi iff d(pi, q) < d(pj, q) for i distinct from j. The segments in a Voronoi Tessellation correspond to all points in the plane equidistant to the two nearest sites.
amulet with tiger's eye being printed

amulet with tiger’s eye being printed

Voronoi digitalization of real egg
Antidote to digital isolation
Helps the wearer to minimize distraction and maintain stronger eye contact and hand shakes.
Voronoi egg with whelk shell
Powers of deep listening
Use to hear and understand things you’ve never been privy to before- or give as a gift to someone who needs expanded listening powers
Voronoi egg with abalone ‘teeth’
The Power to say NO
This amulet gives you the power to smile, show your teeth, and say in your most compassionate voice: NO
Voronoi egg with beach glass
Power of Reinvention
This amulet gives you the power to reinvent yourself, clearing misconceptions in the process.
Voronoi egg with freshwater pearl
Power of Polished Imperfection
This amulet gives you the power to present your imperfections as assets
Voronoi Tessellations are most interesting to me because once I average them, they go from looking math-y or “low poly” to looking lacy and organic.
Voronoi egg with Tiger’s Eye
Power of Confidence
This amulet gives you the power to start a conversation with a stranger.
Voronoi egg with Orange Seed
Power to say YES
This amulet gives you the power to say YES, AND… Adding your voice to the collaboration.
Voronoi egg with artist’s own baby teeth
Power of Innocence
This amulet gives you the power to experience life without fear or cynicism. Most easily practiced by staying in the now.