Food Store(y)

Food Store(y): Expandable empathy-generating economic network

The purpose of Food Store(y) is to bolster civil society via camaraderie and communication.

Food Store(y) is a DIY economy using empathy-driven story collection to build new bonds via food sharing and storytelling. Creating spaces for personal, and historical storytelling and giving stories the physical value of comforting nourishment, addresses social and economic borders. In this system most things have similar values, so there can be no monopoly, only the amplification of the stories told, and the reminder of why we cook food for others in the face of tragedy.


I will make you some food if you tell me a story.


Sign up by sending a description of your food or story to me via my contact page and I will either exchange with you directly or connect you to another participant.



LePoreFoodStore(y)3m from Ann LePore on Vimeo.


Practicing care, especially for others,  feels good when you don’t know what else to do. This experimental economic action can take place immediately, alongside capitalism, and creates an experience for participants which is wholly different from doomscrolling or clicking “Add to cart”.