The LeRoy Neiman Art Center held its first 3D Printing Workshop on December 6, 2015, conducted by Ann LePore


Twelve teaching artists of all art forms from NYC and NJ attended to learn about the art of digital fabrication. Professor LePore introduced artists to the possibilities in this still-experimental art form. After learning about the fine art of 3D Printing, 3D Software, and troubleshooting 3D Printers, our teaching artists brainstormed ways they can apply what they’ve learned to their art form and to the classroom. These include:

  • Having students produce a part instead of having them hand-make the part, which they have problems doing
  • Scanning an image of artwork, make a path in Adobe Illustrator and import this file into a robust 3D software to extrude
  • Making low-relief molds from a 3D Printer and casting paper from them
  • iPadology – making designs on your iPad and then printing them in 3D print reliefs
  • There are all kinds of ways of trying to create information that we don’t have from information that we do have

We look forward to offering 3D Workshops to the public in the near future!






From http://neimancenter.org/news-details.php?id=20