Cross-Modal Perception Series

Screen Shot 2019-06-05 at 6.42.17 PM
Recently I found out that the way I experience time is a form of synesthesia. Previously I always assumed this cross-modal perception only happened to the rare few who could see music or hear colors. Now I am happy to be collaborating with two synesthetes: Geri Hahn who sees music and other sounds very vividly, and Dr. Svetlana Rudenko, a neuroscientist, also a synesthete, and composer. I have created this animation “Synaesthesia edit01” to describe the motions and colors that Geri sees when she listens to Dr. Rudenko’s Dancing Textures composition.

In trying to learn more about my own and other’s neural wiring, I came into contact with the Open Human Brain Mapping Special Interest Group on Brain Art. Their mission is to foster the dialog between artists and scientists.

As part of this pursuit, I will be exhibiting the animation “Synaesthesia edit01” at the beautiful Auditorium Parco Della Musica in Rome for the 2019 OHBM Annual Conference.


An animated visualization of Geri Hahn’s synesthetic response to Dr. Svetlana Rudenko’s Dancing Textures.

Geri Hahn is an artist with audio-visual synesthesia.

Svetlana Rudenko is a neuroscientist and composer.

Ann LePore is an animator creating visuals that help translate experiences.