Rare Object Hologram

3D animated holographic illusions display the results of  interviews conducted on the sidewalks of Newark.  Part of Case Studies, on view at Gallery Aferro, Curated by Evonne M. Davis.

Conducting interviews on the street is one way to find out what people cherish, what they want to see on display, and how they define Art.  And for shy people like me, it’s a great excuse to talk to strangers.

Interviewees described what they thought should be placed in a vitrine [protected, displayed, given status]! Afterward, it was up to me to model those objects or ideas and display them in a futuristic vitrine donated by the New York Historical Society.

Rare Object

Rare Object

What would you put on display?

Special thanks to Hasaan, Tiana, Brandon, Lloyd, Godwin, Carolany, Desiree, Brianna, Skye, Tyhirah, Emoni, Tony, Eric, Monica, Tahjadean, Nyresha, Michael, Maria, Juno, Jacob, Mounira, Maria, Amie, Ashley and Big Tony.


Case Studies February 10 – March 16, 2018 Gallery Aferro

Curated by Evonne Davis

Participating Artists:
Emily Bivens
Marcy Chevali
Kate Eggleston
Tatiana Istomina
Niki Lederer
Ann LePore
Laurie Murphy
Elina Peduzzi
Joanne Ross
James Sham
Sarah Walko
Eleanor White
Juno Zago
Mark Zimmerman

Case Studies features 14 artists who have been invited to intervene with re-purposed, salvaged museum display cases. The majority of these cases were donated to Gallery Aferro by George Washington’s Mt. Vernon Estate’s Museum, as well as from New York Historical Society and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Large, elegant, dark wood displays, previously used for a traveling exhibition of replica objects from Washington’s life, as well as plexiglass vitrines and pedestals, will be transformed by artists from across the East Coast for a contemporary vision, creating a diverse and unique experience for the viewers because in effect each is creating an exhibit within an exhibit.