PowerHouse Exhibition

Art House at Waldo Lofts – Powerhouse Exhibition, April 2013

Some of the highlights include Ann LePore’s series of unconventional maps, marking areas by emotional and collective memories rather than physical landmarks and boundaries. “It’s about the way communities remember or talk about space,” says Goodman. “Places are different in other people’s memories. She maps things based on where different things have happened throughout history like death and conflict. It really goes beyond what we think mapping is in a day-to-day sense.”

Can You Tell Me (Taliesin 3)

Can You Tell Me (Taliesin 3)

Can You Tell Me: Taliesin III  2006-2011 Drawing and collage on paper, 20″ x 30″ unframed

If you look carefully, this map shows buildings and features repeated. Even the residents of the Taliesin enclave had slightly different perceptions of where and at what scale certain features were located.

Metadata in the Meadowlands 5 minute looping animation with audio.

Layers of history, landfill, metals and marsh. One of several projects resulting from a grant from the Meadowlands Environmental Research Institute.


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