A print is pulled off the press

Faceted Greening

It was a buzzy feeling, setting up my images, snacks and a few belongings in the Helen Frankenthaler Cottage. This was going to be the shortest residency I’d ever done. A single day.

When I arrived Saturday evening one of the print assistants gave me a tour, showed me deep drawers and bound stacks of paper, shelves to the ceiling with inks, and presses of all sizes. I plotted out horizons, gradients, mixed colors, marked drawings and played a bit before having a cozy dinner out with Center for Contemporary Print director and all-around mensch, Laura Einstein.

Who was at my door at 7:30 am with coffee and Turkish Breakfast?  Ms. Einstein again. Seriously lovely.

I showed Chris my drawings and experiments and then watched him pop open a few more cans- more efficiently than I had the night before. Chris Shore was my collaborative printer assigned to help me print whatever I wanted during my Monoprint session at CCP.  If these experimental prints turned out, one would be donated for the Monothon auction and fundraiser. 

There were ink-resisting xeroxes, brayer-rolled gradients, cut templates and hand-painted edges galore. The drama always involved registration and the application of just-right-pressure. As you can see in this moment:


 There are several excellent places in the NY metro area where you can have an edition printed. At the Center for Contemporary Printmaking the staff is warm and friendly and will work tirelessly to take care of you and your images. In addition to their amazing facility there is an elegant little cottage where artists can stay while focusing on the work at hand. I already look forward to my next visit.