ArtBloc: Upward Mobility

Shipping Container Multi-Projection Mapping Project 2013

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AUP project, E-Flux, Art Basel

Light Emitting Clematis, Newark Orphan Asylum and Water! Water! exhibited as part of E-Flux’s Agency of Unrealized Projects at Kopfbau,  Art Basel and daadgalerie, Berlin.

Agency of Unrealized Projects was formed in collaboration with Julieta Aranda and Anton Vidokle, and an open call for unrealized projects was issued for its first public exhibition at ArtBasel.

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Due North

There are often subtle indicators in our landscape which can be interpreted to reveal what divides or unifies us. In the series Due North, I reflect on my time as an artist in residence at Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesin home in Wisconsin. While there I found myself a part of two communities at odds with each other: the utopian Fellowship made of up Mr. Wright’s apprentices and their architecture school, and the nearby town of Spring Green, whose elders could still recall in great detail the unpaid debts and bad behavior Mr. Wright left in his wake. I couldn’t help but be influenced by this divide in the maps I created this past year which were made from interviews with Fellowship members and other videos I created during my stay.

The Greening 209

The Greening: 209 evokes different moments in time: present, future, and past. In the U.S. a house or other building may last a generation or more. The systems we design to guide us as a society outlive us all, though they are not permanent either.  How do we know if the structures we put in place are working?  How long does the long view need to be if we are going to plan accordingly? It’s time to remodel.

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A print is pulled off the press

Faceted Greening

It was a buzzy feeling, setting up my images, snacks and a few belongings in the Helen Frankenthaler Cottage. This was going to be the shortest residency I’d ever done. A single day.

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Honey Locust Layers




The strata that make up an urban landscape consist of many layers. Street trees, the most common of which is the Honey Locust, are added to the top layer of concrete strata, not quite replacing the natural arbors that came before them. In this piece, the dormant urban tree is without foliage, but the shadow of the tree is animated, hinting at spring or at a time before sidewalks.

Honey Locust Layers

Installation: Tree, projector, DVD, DVD Player, Animated Shadow (4 minute loop)


Honey Locust Layers from Ann LePore on Vimeo.

On Art and Engineering

In addition to my regular duties as Associate Professor of Animation and 3D Design at Ramapo College of New Jersey, I’ve started to reach out to educators and artists in different ways. I believe strongly in the concept of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Math). Artists have always been innovators and inventors.

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Due North

Due North

Site Specific Installation, Taliesin, Wisconsin
Rear-projected video and 2 channel sound though Frank Lloyd Wright’s living room window

This rear projection installation used the largest window in Mr. Wright’s home on the crest of a large hill. Looking at his home, and facing North toward the small town of Spring Green, members of of both communities came together to watch the steady advance through the landscape (and even through the very building that hosted the projection), until finally, they were transported from Taliesin to the center of Spring Green.



Due North from Ann LePore on Vimeo.

Projections for the Ontological-Hysteric Theater

Based on Temporal Voice, I collaborated with Director Peter Campbell to create a 15-channel video installation for his production Yellow Electras at the Ontological-Hysteric Theater in New York. Video editing assistant – Laura Keller.

Proposing Public Art in Newark

The Jewish Museum of New Jersey (JMNJ) and City Without Walls (cWOW) presented “Public Art in Newark” a panel discussion about the past, present, and future of public art in the City of Newark.

The panel is a collaboration that marks the closings of the JMNJ’s “Hard Times, Good Times: The Art of Michael Lenson” (on December 20) and cWOW’s “Ready to Unveil” , two exhibitions that address themes relating to public art in Newark, NJ.

Water! Water! a collaboration between Ann LePore and Anibal Pella is pictured above, and two additional proposals of LePore’s: Newark Orphan Asylum and Light-Emitting Clematis. All three projects involve large-scale light installations that are viewed at night.

Panelists include: Chakaia Booker (artist), Matthew Gosser (JMNJ Board member, New Jersey Institute of Technology artist and curator), Ann LePore (Ramapo College of New Jersey and artist), Sheila McKoy (New Jersey Transit), Linwood Oglesby (Director, Newark Arts Council), Damon Rich (Newark City Planning Division and artist), Mary Ellen Scherl (Sculptors Guild and artist), with Ben Goldman (cWOW and artist) as moderator.