Due North

Due North

Site Specific Installation, Taliesin, Wisconsin
Rear-projected video and 2 channel sound though Frank Lloyd Wright’s living room window

This rear projection installation used the largest window in Mr. Wright’s home on the crest of a large hill. Looking at his home, and facing North toward the small town of Spring Green, members of of both communities came together to watch the steady advance through the landscape (and even through the very building that hosted the projection), until finally, they were transported from Taliesin to the center of Spring Green.



Due North from Ann LePore on Vimeo.

Temporal Voice, Classical Object

Interactive Performance

Turntables, mixer, computer, large scale projection

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Pollution Maps

Maps created after receiving a grant from the Meadowlands Environmental Research Institute.

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MetaData In the Meadowlands

Layers of history, landfill, metals and marsh

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Tell Me

Can You Tell Me: Taliesin I-III   2006-2011 23 x 30″Drawings and collages on Rives BFK

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Mapping for Empathy in Four Dimensions

Solo Exhibition, Kresge Gallery, 2011

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A Flock Plummets

For September and October I’ll have a new piece, A Flock Plummets, on display at Pierro Gallery in South Orange, NJ.

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Jersey City Street Projections

LET IT GLOW is a series of six street projections along three blocks of Palisade Avenue in Jersey City.

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In This Space

In This Space, 3 channel looping video, Sony Trinitron Monitors, Dimensions variable

In This Space  Was part of a large outdoor music festival in Jersey City. It has also been Exhibited at Remote Lounge, NYC, in the Harland Snodgrass Suite at Alfred University, and as part of the NYC Free Biennial.

remote far from home 02032 remote far from home031


Relexification Gallery Aferro 2011

Relexification describes language changes that keep grammar intact but replace lexicon with the vocabulary of another language.

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