Artist Market and Community

La Superette

NEW YORK  —  La Superette transformed Front Street for three days, creating a temporary store that presented a huge selection of artist-made multiples from around the country.  Running for over a dozen years, this event had a non-commercial goal: to support and distribute the works of independent artists and designers.  La Superette also featured Rainbow Cloud City (an art installation created by the collaboration HappyFun, Erik Z., and Rachel Nelson), a free ScrapCycle gift-wrapping station by Analogous Projects, and a theme song by ATTN:.

Performances by Carrie Dashow (Bring an oath for that special someone), Pixel Form, Todd Bailey, The Brothers FP: Anwar Pruitt and MC (mikal), NAUM f/ Antoine Catala, Arpège (Nick Hallett and Ray Sweeten), David Galbraith, Maria Chavez, David Linton: bicameral research sound & projection system.

Participating artists include: Ann LePore, Amanda Mayoff, Ben Fino-Radin, Carrie Dashow, Secret School and the K.I.D.S., Cindy Yoon, Daphne Bernard, A Rarer Borealis, Daina Platais Ortiz, unxyloid, deChow, Jennifer Sullivan, kaboom!press, Kimm Alfonso, Katherine Chiu, Tali Hinkis, RingMan, Canine Orthodontia, Lilah Freedland, LoVid, Loren Siems, Melissa Barrett, Michelle Rosenberg, Molly Dilworth, Madeleine Fix, Miss Chief, Neg-Fi, Mustache Sisters, Nathaniel Kassel, Peter Jacobson, Raquel Hecker, Steven Anglin, Samantha Merritt, sallykismet, Yoko Inoue, Sanjay, Susie Reiss, teamtichenor, heartfast, Tom Tom Magazine, SEALMAIDEN, Better Than Jam, Christopher Shores

La Superette was founded in 1998 by Tali Hinkis and Kyle Lapidus (LoVid) when they were students at the Ecole des Beaux Arts in Paris.  The immediate huge success of the event carried La Superette all the way to NYC, where it has been hosted by many galleries and organizations.

Funding provided by ETC Presentation Funds supported by the New York State Council on the Arts and media The Foundation. Also supported by Ignivomous and Lower Manhattan Cultural Council.